Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Unless otherwise specified, all sounds are 8-bit sounds recorded at 22.050 kHz.

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Buffy Summers

  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - “I’m a vampire slayer.”
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - “I wanna do girly stuff.”
  •   1.4 sec   32K [WAV] - “It’s a big dumb girly thing.”
  •   1.4 sec   32K [WAV] - Nobody messes with my boyfriend.”
  •   1.9 sec   41K [WAV] - “Welcome to the mystery that is men.”
  •   2.7 sec   58K [WAV] - “I seem to be having a slight case of nudity, here.”
  •   0.7 sec   16K [WAV] - “That was weird.”
  •   2.4 sec   53K [WAV] - “You’re gonna think about that later, mister, and you’re gonna laugh.”
  •   2.5 sec   55K [WAV] - “It doesn’t stop. It never stops.”
  •   1.7 sec   39K [WAV] - “You don’t have anything useful to tell me, do you.”
  •   2.7 sec   59K [WAV] - “Didn’t anyone ever warn you about playing with pointy sticks.”
  •   2.1 sec   24K [WAV] - “I’m capable of big fun.”
  •   2.8 sec   62K [WAV] - “Bad… bad… habit to be broken.”
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - “I don’t play well with others.”
  •   1.0 sec   24K [WAV] - “It’ll all be over soon.”
  •   2.7 sec   60K [WAV] - “I’m way off my game. My game left the country!”
  •   1.2 sec   28K [WAV] - “Where did these pictures come from?”
  •   0.8 sec   19K [WAV] - “You are guilty.”
  •   1.1 sec   24K [WAV] - “I hate being the good one.”
  •   1.9 sec   41K [WAV] - “I Guess it’s later than we thought” NEW
  •   2.4 sec   53K [WAV] - “I just love it when you take charge, you man you.” NEW
  •   4.8 sec  105K [WAV] - Cookie
         “Whenver Giles sends me out on a mission, he always says please…
          and afterwards, I get a cookie!”
  •   5.1 sec  112K [WAV] - Stake
         “Why don’t I just put a stake through her heart?”
         “She’s not a vampire.”
         “Weeell, you’d be surprised how many things that’ll kill.”

Willow Rosenberg

  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - “I’m so the ‘net girl.”
  •   2.2 sec   48K [WAV] - “I’m a rabid dog who should be shot!”
  •   3.2 sec   70K [WAV] - “You’re supposed to be a meek little girly-girl like the rest of us.”
  •   1.2 sec   28K [WAV] - “I want smoochies!”
  •   4.6 sec   99K [WAV] - [Crack!] “That’s not what making-out sounds like… unless I’m doing it wrong.”
  •   0.5 sec   12K [WAV] - “Eeeugh!”
  •   0.7 sec   17K [WAV] - “I knew it!”
  •   2.9 sec   64K [WAV] - “You’re thinking too much. Maybe you need to be impulsive.”
  •   2.4 sec   52K [WAV] - “I don’t want danger. Big NO to danger.”
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - “Home of the big brewing evil.”
  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - “He likes you.”
  •   1.3 sec   28K [WAV] - “Did I mention you look good?”
  •   2.7 sec   60K [WAV] - “You weren’t ready then. But I think you’re ready now.”
  •   3.2 sec   69K [WAV] - “There are forces at work here — dark incomprehensible forces!”
  •   0.6 sec   15K [WAV] - “What do you want.”
  •   4.0 sec   88K [WAV] - “This is just the worst thing that’s ever happened… ever!”
  •   0.7 sec   17K [WAV] - “Secrets are good.”
  •   1.4 sec   30K [WAV] - “Where did I go wrong?”
  •   3.1 sec   68K [WAV] - “Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?”
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - “This is a nightmare!”
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - “Questions? Comments?”
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - “You made me cranky.”
  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - Too easy
         “Too easy.”
         “I felt cheap.”
  •   3.8 sec   83K [WAV] - Force is OK
         “I-I don’t want to use force.”
         “Ummm… Force is OK”
  •   4.6 sec  101K [WAV] - Do that thing with your mouth
         “Do that thing with your mouth the boys like.”
         “Oh!  I didn’t mean the bad thing with your mouth!”

Xander Harris

  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - “This’d be a good time to panic.”
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - “I’ve learned to be afraid.”
  •   0.5 sec   11K [WAV] - “Check it out.”
  •   1.1 sec   28K [WAV] - “That was a new experience.”
  •   0.9 sec   42K [WAV] - “Give me the quite life.”
  •   1.1 sec   24K [WAV] - “I wasn’t finished!”
  •   4.2 sec   91K [WAV] - “Hi! For those of you who just tuned in, everyone here is a crazy person.”
  •   2.8 sec   61K [WAV] - “Can she cram complex issues into a nutshell or what?”
  •   2.2 sec   49K [WAV] - “I’m highly caffeinated and I’m trying to concentrate.”
  •   0.6 sec   13K [WAV] - “Cut it out!”
  •   2.9 sec   64K [WAV] - “You’re like a geyser of fun that goes off at regular intervals.”
  •   5.3 sec  110K [WAV] - Valuable lesson.
         “You know, I think there may be a valuable lesson for you gals here
          about inviting strange men into your bedrooms.”
  •   5.9 sec  128K [WAV] - Men like sports. NEW
         “Men like sports.  
          Men watch the action movie.  
          They eat of the beef and enjoy to look at the bosoms.”

Cordelia Chase

  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - “I’m trying to help.”
  •   0.5 sec   13K [WAV] - “Jealous?”
  •   1.5 sec   34K [WAV] - “Don’t you like anything regular?”
  •   1.2 sec   28K [WAV] - "I can not win!"
  •   1.7 sec   38K [WAV] - “Oh God, is the world ending?”
  •   2.0 sec   43K [WAV] - “There was no part of that that wasn’t fun.”
  •   2.7 sec   59K [WAV] - “I bumped my head yesterday and I keep forgetting stuff.”
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - “This is very disturbing.”
  •   4.2 sec   92K [WAV] - Violence and terror
         “Why is it everytime I go someplace with you 
          it always ends in violence and terror?”
  •   4.6 sec  101K [WAV] - Good Girl
         “We came here to do things I could never tell my father about
          because he still thinks I’m a… good girl.”

Rupert Giles

  •   1.7 sec   39K [WAV] - “She’s… a meddlesome girl.”
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - “Sounds like… paranormal phenomenon.”
  •   3.5 sec   77K [WAV] - “I’m aware that there’s a lot of demonic activity in Cleveland.”
  •   5.5 sec  121K [WAV] - Hellmouth
       Giles (on phone):
          “It… well it happens, you know, that Sunnydale is on a Hellmouth… 
           It is so!”


  •   2.5 sec   56K [WAV] - “Someone wasn’t worrrrthy.”
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - “You’re a very bad man.”
  •   1.0 sec   23K [WAV] - “Makes me want to heave.”
  •   4.6 sec  100K [WAV] - “Now that was fun. Don’t tell me that wasn’t fun.”
  •   4.1 sec   89K [WAV] - “She didn’t even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire.”


  •   0.9 sec   21K [WAV] - Principal Snyder: “Not so fast, missy!”
  •   0.7 sec   17K [WAV] - Mayor: “It’s not working.”
  •   1.0 sec   24K [WAV] - Mayor: “No! Don’t do that!” NEW
  •   2.2 sec   49K [WAV] - Mayor: “You are one heck of a girl, you know that?” NEW
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - Student: “I may have to attack you.”
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - Oz: “Well, he lacks credibility.”
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - Ms. Calendar: “I just love to see you squirm.”
  •   1.8 sec   39K [WAV] - The Master: “Welcome to the future.”
  •   5.0 sec  109K [WAV] - Drusilla: “This is so…l disappointing!”
  •   0.7 sec   17K [WAV] - Drusilla: “Sorry.”
  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - Angel: “Sorry to bother you.”
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - Angelus: “I want to torture you.”
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - Angelus: “OK… That hurt.”
  •   1.7 sec   38K [WAV] - Mr. Trick: “The way I see it, I did you a favor.”
  •   2.6 sec   56K [WAV] - Mr. Trick: “Oh no. No, this is no good at all.”
  •   3.7 sec   81K [WAV] - When did you die?
       Buffy’s Mom:
          “When did you die?  You never told me you died.”
          “It was just for a few minutes.”
  •   3.5 sec   76K [WAV] - Walker Texas Ranger
       Raised guy:
          “Walker Texas Ranger:  You been tapin’ her?”
          “Every ep’.”
       Raised guy:

Episode introductions and endings

  •  50.7 sec 1093K [WAV] - Buffy Theme, season 2
  •  51.2 sec 1104K [WAV]  399K [MP3] - Buffy Theme, season 3
  •  10.9 sec  237K [WAV] - Season 2 introduction
         “In every generation there is a chosen one.
          She alone will stand against the vampires, 
          the demons, and the forces of darkness.
          She is the slayer.”
  •   2.0 sec   45K [WAV] - Announcer: “Buffy the vampire slayer”
  •   4.0 sec   87K [WAV] - Introduction music howl
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - Mutant Enemy: “Grrr! Argh!”

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