Babylon 5
Sound Clips

Unless otherwise specified, all sounds are 8-bit sounds recorded at 22.050 kHz.

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Jeffrey Sinclair

  •   1.4 sec   32K [WAV] - "Nothing's the same anymore"
  •   2.8 sec   60K [WAV] - "Hello, old friend. It's been a while."
  •   1.0 sec   24K [WAV] - "Goodbye, old friend"
  •   2.5 sec   54K [WAV] - "Enough people have played with my brain already this year"
  •   1.0 sec   24K [WAV] - "Cancel that alert" NEW
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - "Are you out of your mind? Stop this at once." NEW
  •   0.7 sec   15K [WAV] - "What do you want?" NEW
  •   1.0 sec   23K [WAV] - "Why are you doing this?" NEW
  •   0.6 sec   14K [WAV] - "Who are you?" NEW
  •   0.9 sec   21K [WAV] - "I know who you are" NEW
  •   2.8 sec   61K [WAV] - "The computer malfunction might have been caused by operator error" NEW
  •   0.5 sec   22K [WAV] - "Computer" NEW
  •   1.3 sec   58K [WAV] - "Alright, that's all we need to know" NEW
  •   2.3 sec   50K [WAV] - "I gave you a direct order! You disobeyed it!" NEW
  •   2.9 sec   64K [WAV] - "Life's full of mysteries. Consider this one of them." NEW
  •   3.0 sec   66K [WAV] - "I'm commander Sinclair. Welcome to Babylon 5." NEW
  •   5.3 sec  115K [WAV] - Small accident
          “In about an hour we’ll have a small accident in data storage
           that will erase the file you just saw”

John Sheridan

  •   2.8 sec   61K [WAV] - "Thanks, Mr. Wizard"
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "We're in the process of building the future"
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - "O great, then I'm just plain nuts"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - "That's a very interesting date"
  •   0.6 sec   15K [WAV] - "No send"
  •   1.1 sec   24K [WAV] - "Standby"
  •   0.6 sec   13K [WAV] - "Transmit"
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - "Feel like I need a shower"
  •   0.4 sec   10K [WAV] - "What?"
  •   4.6 sec  101K [WAV] - "I can no longer imagine my world… without you in it"
  •   2.8 sec   63K [WAV] - "Oh my God, it's almost enough to make you believe in miracles, isn't it?"
  •   2.6 sec   58K [WAV] - "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow you out of the sky"
  •   0.8 sec   19K [WAV] - "We have a problem"
  •   1.1 sec   24K [WAV] - "What year is this?"
  •   2.7 sec   59K [WAV] - "Well it's about time you started pulling your own weight around here"
  •   2.5 sec   54K [WAV] - "Well, as my great-grandfather used to say, 'Cool'"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - "Try not to drool on the controls"
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - "You don't fight fair"
  •   1.6 sec   36K [WAV] - "You will, of course, keep this confidential"
  •   0.7 sec   17K [WAV] - "Who are you?"
  •   2.5 sec   56K [WAV] - "Take us into the fire"
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - "Win or loose… we'll go down fighting"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - "I'm shocked. Shocked and dismayed."
  •   1.8 sec   41K [WAV] - "We've achieved the mission objective"
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "You've just made my whole day"
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - "It is not a victory"
  •   2.3 sec   50K [WAV] - "We've received the information we've been waiting for"
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - "I apologize"
  •   0.6 sec   14K [WAV] - "Sorry"
  •  22.0 sec  475K [WAV] - Sorry we had to defend ourselves
          “I apologize.
           I’m sorry we had to defend ourselves against an unwarranted attack.
           I’m sorry that your crew was stupid enough to fire on a station full of
           a quarter million civilians including your own people…
           and I’m sorry I waited so long before I blew them all straight to hell.”

Susan Ivanova

  •   2.5 sec   54K [WAV] - "You're having far too much fun at my expense."
  •   0.5 sec   12K [WAV] - "I'm doomed."
  •   1.5 sec   34K [WAV] - "You're beginning to talk just like a Vorlon"
  •   3.7 sec   81K [WAV] - "So you feel like you're being symbolically cast… in a bad light"
  •   1.2 sec   28K [WAV] - "I let myself in"
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - "You should change your lock code more often"
  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - "I'm so sorry"
  •   2.2 sec   48K [WAV] - "May I borrow your PPG to shoot myself squarely in the head?"
  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - "That was grade-A stupid"
  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - "My usual timing. Sorry."
  •   1.1 sec   26K [WAV] - "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"
  •   1.4 sec   32K [WAV] - "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "Activate forward defense grid"
  •   0.5 sec   12K [WAV] - "Computer"
  •   2.7 sec   60K [WAV] - "There's always too many of them… and not enough of us"
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "OK, this is it! Standby."
  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - "We have to move on"
  •   1.2 sec   62K [WAV] - "Excuse me… hello?"
  •   0.9 sec   22K [WAV] - "I have to do what's right"
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - "We can no longer tolerate this kind of behavior"
  •   1.8 sec   80K [WAV] - "Request denied. Have a nice day." NEW
  •   2.3 sec  101K [WAV] - "Look, somebody's got to have some damn perspective around here" NEW
  •   4.6 sec  201K [WAV] - "No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow." NEW
  •   3.8 sec  165K [WAV] - "Boom. Sooner or later… BOOM" NEW
  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - "Nobody told me this would involve sex with an alien."
  •  59.9 sec 1251K [WAV] - Sex with an alien
         “Boom shuba-lubaluba, Boom shuba-lubaluba.  Hey there, hey there, three bags full.
          You come here often?  Yes, I do.
          Dinner shuba-lubaluba, Drinks shuba-lubaluba, Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss.
          How do you like it so far?”
         “Well, I, Uh”
         “I slept with you the other night.
          You didn’t call, you didn’t write.
          I think you did it just for spite.
          Yes!  Oh yes!  Oh yes!  Oh yes!  Tell me about your portfolio.  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!
          Lie to me about your family.
          Oh, Yes.  Oh yes!  Oh yes!  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yeeeeeessss!
          God, you’re good!”
         “What do I do now?”
         “Old style?  You roll over and go to bed.
          New style?  You go out for pizza and I never see you again.”
         “Perhaps… I’ll call you.”
  •   3.4 sec   73K [WAV] - Anything you need?
         “Anything else you need?”
         “A glass of whiskey, a gun, and two bullets.”
  •   5.4 sec  117K [WAV] - If I live through this job
         “If I live through this job without completely loosing my mind,
          it will be a miracle of Biblical proportions.”
  •   5.4 sec  117K [WAV] - Who wants to live forever?
         “Well… who wants to live forever.”
       Marcus:I do, actually.”
  •   1.3 sec   30K [WAV] - This isn't good
         “This isn’t good.”
  •  28.9 sec  623K [WAV] - I am Susan Ivonova
         “I am Susan Ivonova, Commander.  Daughter of Andre and Sophie Ivanov.
          I am the right hand of vengence,
          and the boot that’s going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart!
          I am death incarnate,
          and the last living thing that you are ever going to see.
          God sent me.”
  •  22.5 sec  485K [WAV] - Babylon 5 Mantra NEW
         “I’d like you to take the time to learn the Babylon 5 mantra:
             Ivanova is always right.
             I will listen to Ivanova.
             I will not ignore Ivanova’s recommendations.
             Ivanova is God.
          And if this ever happens again, 
          Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out!
          Babylon control out!  <bleep>
          (Just kidding about that God part.  No offense.)”

Michael Garibaldi

  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - "Maybe next time you'll listen to me when I tell you not to do something"
  •   3.5 sec   76K [WAV] - "May I be the first to say that this is the nuttiest idea you've ever had"
  •   2.4 sec   53K [WAV] - "Is anybody else as creeped-out about this as I am?"
  •   2.5 sec   55K [WAV] - "Oh, well hell, I could have done that for you. All you had to do was ask."
  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - "Just don't ever do this to me again"
  •   1.1 sec   24K [WAV] - "Swell. I love it."
  •   0.7 sec   16K [WAV] - "OK"
  •   3.3 sec   73K [WAV] - "This is definitely the place for one hell of a party!"
  •   1.7 sec   38K [WAV] - "OK… I've accessed the command codes"
  •   2.0 sec   45K [WAV] - "There. I've finished inputting the command codes."
  •   0.5 sec   11K [WAV] - "Computer"
  •   1.8 sec   41K [WAV] - "Computer. Security override."
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "Now we just reset the computer system…"
  •   4.4 sec   95K [WAV] - Restart
         “Computer.  Initiate complete shutdown.  Restart in 10 seconds.”

Dr. Stephen Franklin

  •   1.9 sec   42K [WAV] - "Yeah, I got your 'strange notions' right here."
  •   2.1 sec   46K [WAV] - "No no no no, I don't want to hear it. Now you get on that web."
  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - "Get on that web."
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - "You're nuts. You know that?"
  •   4.0 sec   87K [WAV] - "You know, you'd think I'd learn one of these days that I can't fix everything, but it never happens."
  •   1.4 sec   31K [WAV] - "What I needed was to do better"
  •   2.1 sec   47K [WAV] - "And after a while, you know, that really starts to annoy me!"
  •   2.8 sec   62K [WAV] - "Your system was traumatized, you can't blame yourself"
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - "Why can't we ever go anyplace nice?"
  •   2.6 sec   59K [WAV] - "Faster… Got to go faster!"
  •   2.4 sec   53K [WAV] - More coffee?
         “More coffee?  It’ll make you feel better.”
         “Love to!”

Londo Mollari

  •   0.8 sec   18K [WAV] - "Kill me?"
  •   3.0 sec   66K [WAV] - "I Think I'll stick my head in the station's fusion reactor"
  •   3.2 sec   70K [WAV] - "Love…PAH! Overrated!"
  •   2.1 sec   47K [WAV] - "Oh, I love doing that to him."
  •   2.9 sec   34K [WAV] - "It is good to have friends, is it not, Mr. Garibaldi?"
  •   1.1 sec   26K [WAV] - "Mr. Garibaldi."
  •   0.8 sec   17K [WAV] - "Vir" 1
  •   1.6 sec   36K [WAV] - "Vir Cotto, my attaché"
  •   3.5 sec   76K [WAV] - "What do you want, you moon-faced assasin of joy?"
  •   2.8 sec   61K [WAV] - "Do you want to leave? Is that it? I can arrange it."
  •   3.4 sec   75K [WAV] - "I will have to kill you. What are friends for?"
  •   3.4 sec   75K [WAV] - "You have what the Earthers call a 'negative personality.'"
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - "I want to sleep."
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - "Get me a drink."
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - "Keep your threats to yourself"
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - "This is absurd!"
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - "Madness. Total and complete madness!"
  •   4.3 sec   54K [WAV] - "You realize, of course, that you are quite mad for even considering this, hmmm?"
  •   5.6 sec  123K [WAV] - "Ahhhh, for a moment I was thinking women, drinking, and debauchery"
  •   4.7 sec  102K [WAV] - "Your timing, as always, is quite exceptional"
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - "I feel happy"
  •   2.2 sec   48K [WAV] - "Conspiracies require more than one person"
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "No, I do not like the sound of this at all"
  •   1.9 sec   41K [WAV] - "I want you here as fast as possible"
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - "Start packing"
  •   1.3 sec   28K [WAV] - "We have much to do"
  •   2.6 sec   58K [WAV] - "You did as I asked? Excellent."
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "My place is at your side"
  •   3.9 sec   86K [WAV] - "Why are you still here? Go, Go!"
  •   2.5 sec   55K [WAV] - "I have to go and check on some arrangements"
  •   3.2 sec   69K [WAV] - "Aaah, I see they dragged you out of bed too, hmmm?"
  •   1.0 sec   23K [WAV] - "I owe you a favor"
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - "You will simply have to wait your turn"
  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - "For a moment there I thought I was dead" NEW
  •   2.1 sec   46K [WAV] - "All's well that ends well, huh?" NEW
  •   5.5 sec  120K [WAV] - "Whatever it is… it can't be that bad" NEW
  •   1.2 sec   55K [WAV] - "What a wonderful idea" NEW
  •   2.4 sec   52K [WAV] - "I need to find a real job" NEW
  •   2.1 sec   47K [WAV] - "You will be tortured for a very long time"
  •   4.3 sec   94K [WAV] - You will be tortured…
         “You will be tortured for a very long time.
          I have seen them prolong suffering.”
  •   18.0 sec  378K [WAV] - Cold
         “When I said my quarters were cold, I did not mean:
            ‘Ooh, I think it’s a little chilly in here.
             Perhaps I’ll throw a blanket on the bed.’
          No, I said it was cold!  As in:
             ‘oh, look, my left arm has snapped off like an icicle
              and shattered on the floor!’”
  •   6.0 sec  131K [WAV] - Figure it out
         “I’m afraid that if I try to go back and figure it out,
          I will start bleeding from my ears”
  •   9.9 sec  215K [WAV] - Hideous truth
         “But still, the hideous truth is…
          you are the closest thing I have to a friend.
          I’m as shocked and dismayed at this at this as you are,
          but there it is.”
  •  21.4 sec  462K [WAV] - Terrible truth
         “There’s a terrible truth, that as one accumulates power one looses friends.
          One only has those who wish to use you and those you wish to use.
          And yet, in all of this, you have somehow managed to walk through
          the corridors of power and not be touched.
          I can only assume you have not been paying attention!”
  •   4.7 sec  103K [WAV] - Something wrong?
         “Is something wrong?”
         “Something?   No.
          Everything?  Yes.”
  •   8.7 sec  188K [WAV] - Go away
         “We have danced our last little dance.
          Now it is time for you… to go away.”
  •  15.6 sec  337K [WAV] - Nibbled to death
         “This is like being nibbled to death by uh… 
          what are those Earth creatures called?
          Feathers, long bill, webbed feet, go ‘quack’”
          “Cats… like being nibbled to death by cats.”
  •   2.6 sec   58K [WAV] - Late
         “You’re late!”
         “No, no, no, no, no… you’re early”


  •   3.8 sec   83K [WAV] - "My warning is sincere. Ignore it at your own peril."
  •   2.3 sec   52K [WAV] - "The future isn't what it used to be"
  •   4.4 sec   96K [WAV] - "Whenever these bizarre and odd things occur it gives me pain--right here."
  •   3.5 sec   76K [WAV] - "Enough! This ends now!"
  •   8.0 sec  174K [WAV] - "Whatever they are, Miss Sakai, they walk near Sigma 957… and they must walk there… alone."
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "Mr. Garabaldi"
  •   1.0 sec   23K [WAV] - "Goodnight"
  •   2.4 sec   54K [WAV] - "Eventually, I will figure it out"
  •   3.1 sec   67K [WAV] - "I'll just continue making inquiries on my own"
  •   2.2 sec   48K [WAV] - "I'll let you know what I find"
  •   2.0 sec   45K [WAV] - "It is an imperfect universe"
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - "I find this most appealing (ha ha ha)"
  •   2.8 sec   62K [WAV] - "I would much rather see you dead"
  •   1.7 sec   39K [WAV] - "What must happen, will happen"
  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - "We stand at a moment of transition"
  •   3.1 sec   68K [WAV] - "Do not thump the book of G'Kwan. It is disrespectful."
  •   1.8 sec   39K [WAV] - "I'm delirious with joy!"
  •   2.0 sec   86K [WAV] - "Why does the universe hate me?" NEW
  •   6.2 sec  134K [WAV] - Worried every moment
         “If you’re going to be worried every time the universe doesn’t make sense
          you’re going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your natural life.”
  •  12.2 sec  276K [WAV] - Two important questions
         “No one as yet has answered two very important questions:
          Where is Mr. Garabaldi, and
          What happened to Captain Sheridan at Z’ha’dum.”
  •  28.6 sec  616K [WAV] - The future is all around us
         “The future is all around us--
          waiting, in moments of transition,
          to be born, in moments of revelation.
          No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us.
          We know only that it is always born… in pain.”


  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - "What I have… is at your disposal"
  •   3.4 sec   74K [WAV] - "Summoned, I take the place that's been prepared for me."
  •   3.1 sec   67K [WAV] - "The greatest nightmare of our time is waiting for you."
  •   1.8 sec   41K [WAV] - "Something has gone your way today."
  •   3.0 sec   67K [WAV] - "If I fall, another will take my place"
  •   2.1 sec   46K [WAV] - "What kind of monster would do such a thing?"
  •   2.7 sec   60K [WAV] - "If you value your lives, be somewhere else"
  •   3.9 sec   85K [WAV] - "You have lost much, endured much, sacrificed greatly"
  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - "I did not expect this"
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - "This was not part of the plan"
  •   2.9 sec   64K [WAV] - "Want to? No. Have to? Yes."
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - "No wonder you are cranky"
  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - "History awaits"
  •   1.3 sec   28K [WAV] - "Let us get this over with"
  •   4.8 sec  104K [WAV] - "If someone doesn't begin making sense here, I'm going to become most annoyed"
  •   5.2 sec  114K [WAV] - Why do your people ask
         “Why do your people always ask if someone is ready
          right before you’re going to do something massively unwise?”
  •   4.6 sec  100K [WAV] - What are you afraid of?
         “What are you afraid of?”
         “Nothing.  Well, spiders.”
  •   9.7 sec  211K [WAV] - I Am Grey
         “I am grey.    I stand between the candle and the star.
          We are grey.  We stand between the darkness and the light.”
  •   8.9 sec  194K [WAV] - All life is transitory
         “All life is transitory; a dream.  
          We all come together in the same place at the end of time.”
  •  10.5 sec  228K [WAV] - I will see you in a little while
         “If I don’t see you again here,
          I will see you in a little while
          in the place where no shadows fall.”

Vir Cotto

  •   2.7 sec   60K [WAV] - "For a moment, I thought I'd entered an alternate universe"
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - "I'm here to pick up some women"
  •   5.1 sec  110K [WAV] - "I know you don't listen to me, but I'm asking you just this one time--don't DO this!"
  •   1.5 sec   34K [WAV] - "Don't DO this!"
  •   1.5 sec   34K [WAV] - "Don't do that again"
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "Why do you ask me questions when you already know the answers?"
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - "Same time tomorrow?"
  •   2.4 sec   53K [WAV] - "Are you deliberately trying to drive me insane?"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - "Well… that could have gone better"
  •   3.2 sec   70K [WAV] - "I'm gonna remember that. Thank you! Thank you!"
  •  13.3 sec  288K [WAV] - Head on a pike
         “I’d like to live just long enough to be there
          when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike
          as a warning to the next ten generations,
          that some favors come with too high a price.
          I would look up into your lifeless eyes and wave, like this…”


  •   4.1 sec   90K [WAV] - "Where you walk, I will walk. I've sworn myself to your side."
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "I will do penance… later"
  •   3.8 sec   83K [WAV] - "Nothing ever prepared me for… this sort of experience!"
  •   2.3 sec   50K [WAV] - "Initiating 'Getting the hell out of here' maneuver"

Kosh Naranek

  •   5.3 sec  115K [WAV] - "If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die."
  •   2.1 sec   46K [WAV] - "Yes"
  •   2.5 sec   44K [WAV] - "No"
  •   3.1 sec   68K [WAV] - "Perhaps"
  •   1.0 sec   47K [WAV] - "Good" NEW
  •   1.3 sec   60K [WAV] - "Why?" NEW
  •   2.0 sec   45K [WAV] - "Incorrect" (zap)
  •   3.3 sec   73K [WAV] - "We are not prepared yet"
  •   2.5 sec   54K [WAV] - "It is not our time"
  •   2.9 sec   63K [WAV] - "It is yours"
  •   6.0 sec  130K [WAV] - "You do not understand. But you will."
  •   2.6 sec   58K [WAV] - "I will do as you ask"
  •   3.4 sec   74K [WAV] - "Leave! Now!"
  •   4.0 sec   87K [WAV] - "Understanding is a three-edged sword" NEW
  •   3.6 sec   79K [WAV] - "Listen to the music, not the song" NEW
  •   7.3 sec  158K [WAV] - "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote." NEW

  •   3.6 sec   80K [WAV] - "We are all Kosh"
  •   2.1 sec   46K [WAV] - "Do not interfere"
  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - "A human?"
  •   2.2 sec   49K [WAV] - "Intolerable!"
  •   1.6 sec   36K [WAV] - "Show me!"
  •   7.7 sec  117K [WAV] - "Your work for now is done here. Go. Sleep."

Lyta Alexander

  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "I have the password"
  •   0.9 sec   21K [WAV] - "I said I'd be back."
  •   4.1 sec   90K [WAV] - "If you're going to do something, do it now"
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - "May I speak with you?"
  •   1.5 sec   34K [WAV] - "I Can't do that"
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - "I can't do this"
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - "Are you out of your mind?"
  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - "I'd sooner put a bullet in my brain"
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - "Why?!"

Marcus Cole

  •   0.4 sec   10K [WAV] - "Hello"
  •   2.7 sec   58K [WAV] - "I can see you're busy, so I'll let you go"
  •   3.4 sec   74K [WAV] - "If you go, I'll miss you… and I hate that feeling"
  •   1.4 sec   26K [WAV] - "Mr. Garabaldi"
  •   1.1 sec   26K [WAV] - "You stupid machine!"
  •   1.2 sec   26K [WAV] - "I missed it--overslept"
  •   3.4 sec   75K [WAV] - "Oh, that's right, I was ill. Wanted to go… couldn't."
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - "Love to--can't really. Next time."
  •   0.7 sec   15K [WAV] - "You're right"
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - "I was just resting my eyes"
  •   0.9 sec   21K [WAV] - "Engines online!"
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - "Is that a good idea?"
  •   0.5 sec   13K [WAV] - "We got them"
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - "Rangers never bluff"
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - Did we win?
          “Did we just win?”
          “Don’t jinx it.”
  •   5.6 sec  122K [WAV] - Delusions
          “You’re having delusions of grandeur again.”
          “Well, if you’re going to have delusions,
           you may as well go for the really satisfying ones.”
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - What can happen
          “You know what can happen in a few seconds--
           Boom, Crash, Burn.”

Zack Allen

  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - "Well, it's not a job. It's more like an adventure."
  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - "You ever have one of those days?"


  •   0.9 sec   21K [WAV] - "You won't do that"
  •   1.5 sec   33K [WAV] - "There's dangers all around us"
  •   6.2 sec  135K [WAV] - "I'm here to save your butts! Next time, show a little gratitude."
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "Thank you! That makes me feel… much better."
  •   1.6 sec   36K [WAV] - "He has a better sense of humor than I thought"
  •   2.6 sec   57K [WAV] - "Your war… is now my war"
  •   1.3 sec   29K [WAV] - "I received your signal"
  •   3.1 sec   69K [WAV] - "I do have a life that doesn't involve 'Babylon 5'"
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - "I've had a nice day"
  •   3.7 sec   81K [WAV] - Desperate for money
          “I imagine you must be getting desperate for money by now,
           or you wouldn’t be doing this”
  •   3.1 sec   68K [WAV] - That’s a lie
          “That’s a lie”
          “Yes it is.  What’s your point?”


  •   1.6 sec   37K [WAV] - "Exciting! Isn't it?"
  •   2.9 sec   64K [WAV] - "It gives me 'the screaming willies'"
  •   3.3 sec   73K [WAV] - "A normal human mind shouldn't have been able to do that"


  •   2.8 sec   61K [WAV] - "Zathras knew you would come"
  •   5.2 sec  114K [WAV] - "Cannot say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so cannot say."
  •   1.2 sec   27K [WAV] - "You never heard that"
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - "Zathras cannot have anything nice"
  •   3.5 sec   76K [WAV] - "Go! Please! Go for Zathrus!"
  •   5.3 sec  115K [WAV] - "NO nooooo, no-no-no, no-no"
  •  11.6 sec  252K [WAV] - Beast of burden
          “Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people’s needs.
           Very sad life.  Will probably have very sad death.
           But at least there’s symmetry”
  •  12.4 sec  267K [WAV] - Running out of time
          “We’re running out of time!”
          “Cannot run out of time.  There is infinite time.
           You are finite.  Zathras is finite.  This… is wrong tool.” (thunk)


  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - Psi Cop: "You're not helping the situation"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - Narn: "Now we send a message of our own"
  •   1.1 sec   25K [WAV] - Lt. Corwin (C&C): "We've got an energy spike!"
  •   3.3 sec   72K [WAV] - Arthur: "You shall be known as sir G'Kar"
  •   2.5 sec   56K [WAV] - Centari: "Do you think it will take you very long to love me?"
  •   2.3 sec   50K [WAV] - Security: "This is the post office. This could get us into real trouble"
  •   2.8 sec   62K [WAV] - Anna: "Don't you want to know what it's all about?"
  •   1.0 sec   22K [WAV] - Anna: "I can do that"
  •   2.6 sec   58K [WAV] - Justin: "The only thing that's standing in our way now is you"
  •   2.3 sec   51K [WAV] - Emperor Cartagia: "I find these thoughts of yours… most disturbing"
  •   1.5 sec   25K [WAV] - Lorien: "I did the best I could"
  •   3.2 sec   70K [WAV] - Minbari: "And what message do you bring for us today?"
  •   3.6 sec   79K [WAV] - Interrogator: "The level of discomfort you experience will be entirely up to you."
  •   1.9 sec   43K [WAV] - Na'Toth: "I will not be denied this!" NEW
  •   1.7 sec   77K [WAV] - Naroon: "You talk like a Minbari." NEW
  •   5.8 sec  127K [WAV] - You don’t know the rules
          “It’s certainly strange, you don’t seem to know the rules.
           Perhaps I should explain them in case you’ve forgotten.”
  •   3.8 sec   83K [WAV] - Pulled our shorts
       Earth Force commander:
          “In case you didn’t notice, the enemy just pulled our shorts over our heads
           and tied them in a knot.”
  •   6.6 sec  144K [WAV] - I don't watch TV
          “I don’t watch TV.
           It’s a cultural waste-land filled with inappropriate metaphors
           in an unrealistic portrayal of life
           created by the liberal media elite.”
  •   3.9 sec   85K [WAV] - The big picture
       Emperor Cartagia:
          “‘The big picture!’  They don’t see the big picture.
           But you and I see the big picture.”
  •   1.8 sec   41K [WAV] - You can’t do this
          “You can’t do this”
          “Watch me”


  •   0.5 sec   13K [WAV] - "Orders?"
  •   0.7 sec   16K [WAV] - "Command"
  •   0.8 sec   19K [WAV] - "Acknowleged"
  •   0.9 sec   43K [WAV] - "Commencing"
  •   1.0 sec   23K [WAV] - "Standby" NEW
  •   2.0 sec   45K [WAV] - "Online" NEW
  •   0.9 sec   20K [WAV] - "Confirmed"
  •   3.2 sec   69K [WAV] - "Please input proper code and password"
  •   3.7 sec   81K [WAV] - "Unable to comply. Password required for access."
  •   3.0 sec   65K [WAV] - "Negative on password. Unable to deliver."
  •   2.5 sec   55K [WAV] - "Password confirmed. Standby."
  •   1.6 sec   35K [WAV] - "Authorizations confirmed"
  •   4.1 sec   89K [WAV] - "Authorization needed to deliver time-delayed message. Do you accept?"
  •   2.0 sec   44K [WAV] - "Commencing Interweb link"
  •   3.6 sec   79K [WAV] - "Thermal Fusion System armed for detonation"
  •   4.0 sec   88K [WAV] - "Transfer will take 1.4 hours"
  •   1.8 sec   40K [WAV] - "End of recording"
  •   1.4 sec   32K [WAV] - "Anomaly discovered" NEW
  •   2.2 sec   48K [WAV] - "Gold channel opened" NEW


  •   0.7 sec   16K [WAV] - Doorbell
  •   0.2 sec    7K [WAV] - Monitor power-on click

Episode introductions and endings

  •  1:27 min 1879K [WAV] - Season 1 introduction
         “It was the dawn of the third age of mankind,
          ten years after the Earth-Minbari war.
          The Babylon Project was a dream given form.
          Its goal:  To prevent another war by creating a place
          where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.
          It’s a port of call.  Home-away-from-home
          for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers.
          Humans and aliens wrapped in two million, 500 thousand tons of metal…
          all alone in the night.
          It can be a dangerous place, but it’s our last, best hope for peace.
          This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.
          The year is 2258.  The name of the place is Babylon 5.”
  •  1:28 min 1890K [WAV] - Season 2 introduction
         “The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace.
          A self-contained world 5 miles long, located in neutral territory.
          A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.
          A shining beacon in space--all alone in the night.
          It was the dawn of the third age of mankind,
          the year the great war came upon us all.
          This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.
          The year is 2259.  The name of the place is Babylon 5.”
  •  1:28 min 1894K [WAV] - Season 3 introduction
         “The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace.
          It failed.
          But in the year of the shadow war, it became something greater:
          Our last, best hope… for victory.
          The year is 2260.  The place:  Babylon 5.”
  •  33.4 min  271K [WAV] - Season 3 ending music
  •  1:28 min 1887K [WAV] - Season 4 introduction
         “It was the year of fire…”
         “the year of destruction…”
         “the year we took back what was ours.”
         “It was the year of rebirth…”
         “the year of great sadness…”
         “the year of pain…”
         “and the year of joy.”
         “It was a new age.”
       Dr. Franklin:
         “It was the end of history.”
         “It was the year everything changed.”
         “The year is 2261.”
         “The place:  Babylon 5”
  •  48.6 sec 1048K [WAV] - Season 4 end speech
         “It was the end of the Earth year 2261.
          and it was the dawn of a new age for all of us.
          It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
          The next 20 years would see great changes.
          Great joy and great sorrow.
          The telepath war, and the Drahk war.
          The new alliance would waver and crack,
          but in the end it would hold.
          Because what is built, endures.
          And what is loved, endures.
          And Babylon 5…
          Babylon 5… endures.”
  •  1:28 min 1889K [WAV] - Season 5 introduction
         “And so it begins…”     
         “There is a hole in your mind”
         “What do you want?”
         “No one here is exactly what he appears”
         “Nothing’s the same anymore”
         “Commander Sinclair is being reassigned”
         “Why don’t you eliminate the entire Narn Homeworld while you’re at it.”
         “I see a great hand, reaching out of the sky”
         “Who are you?”
         “President Clark has signed a decree today declaring martial law.”
         “These orders have forced us to declare independence.”
         “…your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something!”
         “You are the one who was.”
         “If you go to Z’ha’dum, you will die.”
         “Why are you here.  Do you have anything worth living for.”
         “I think of my beautiful city in flames…”
         “Giants in the playground.”
         “Now get the hell out of our galaxy!”
         “We are here to place President Clark under arrest.” 

“Babylon 5,” the Babylon 5 logo, all publicity photos, and images from the series are copyright © and trademark TM 1992-1998, PTN Consortium.

Some character graphics were borrowed from “The lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5” web site. Also visit the TNT Babylon 5 web site.

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